Multiple DID matching on Inbound Routes?

Is it possible (and if so, does anyone know which delimiter is used) to specify multiple DID’s to match for Inbound Route DID-matching?

For example, right now you have:
Add Incoming Route > Add DID Number

And we specify:

Is there a way to specify multiple DID’s, for example:

The reason I ask, is that we have 60+ DID’s, and it would be much easier to create inbound routes for groups that all go to the same location.

Thank you in advance,

From the tooltip:

Thank you for the reply. I’m aware of the tooltip and I’ve also searched prior to posting; however, I didn’t understand that to solve my issue.

In other words, I’m not asking about pattern matching, but instead, about a succession of full numbers(Num1,Num2,Num3). Unless what you’re saying is that a succession of numbers is just a type of pattern?

Or, is this just any regex expression? If so, I can easily create the pattern of numbers using a pipe, for example, (8883334444|8883335555)?

It is a regex, if you have a series of DID’s in continuous order like 888333400 to 888333499, you enter 8883334XX.

If your DID’s are random, then use the Buld DID module. It will allow you to import a large number of DID’s and associate them with a destination.

Just to confirm … And for future searchers stumbling upon this topic, it sounds like the only option available in “Incoming Routes” is single numbers or wild-card pattern matching. There is no option for “OR” logic.

Since I use you the FreePBX team for our DID’s, I use the SIPStation module, which has a similar benefit to the Bulk DID Module.

However, it really creates a mess of the routes user-interface the way FreePBX squishes them into the side-frame, and worse, it is very time consuming to make a change.

Perhaps it will be better to simply make any changes through MySQL using updates (once the trunks have all been created).