Matching range and explicit number on inbound route

I have analogue gateways connected to FPBX, and each gateway has an inbound route pointing calls to it with a range match
e.g. _+4415246131[345]X
This works fine for numbers in tidy ranges.

But I have one gateway that needs to have non-ranged numbers on it too. So I need to match for the range, and for explicit DIDs.

At the incoming SIP gateway (Cisco) I use e164-pattern-map to direct the relevant numbers to FPBX
e.g. voice class e164-pattern-map 30
e164 +441524612[5-9]…
e164 +441524693324
e164 +441524692227
e164 +441524694474

But is there a similar way of grouping calls to get them off FPBX to the analogue gateway?

I get the impression that because I’m sending explicitly defined e164 numbers towards FPBX, I would have to make another inbound route and create a range that covers those numbers that would look like _+44152469[234][2349][2357][1467]

I found old, but similar posts, but wondered if anything had changed in the mean time. If there’s a better way I’d love hear it.


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