Multicast Paging Phone Ring

Is there a way to use the Multicast function so that it will not cause the extension to ring but just go to the announcement audio? I’m looking at using this feature with the Calendar to use as a School Bell system but I just want the phone to play the audio file without ringing first.

I think part of this is controlled at the device level, if I recall correctly. What phones are you using?

Mostly Sangoma s206 phones

Look for auto-answer settings on the phone.

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If they are Sangoma, you can manage them all from the endpoint manager to enable the feature.

There isn’t anything I can find in the Endpoint Manager settings. There is Auto Answer and intercom settings in the Advanced tab on the Extension itself. Those settings do not change anything. Let me be clear, the extension does respond to multicast and you hear the beep tone and intercom/paging works fine. What I cannot control is that the phone rings first then place the beep. I’m trying to use this for a Bell System so it would be annoying for every phone to ring first then play the bell sound.

This was not clear to me. Have you read this post?

Seems like he found some part of his solution in his referenced link but unfortunately it no longer works and it seems Digium specific.

In your call logs are you confirming ALERTINFO=Alert-Info: Intercom (the solution he came up with)? and that you’re using intercom?

It appears in the log that Multicast send out several IF statements to cover various ALERTINFO statuses. Since this is Multicast and the receiver is just listening it doesn’t seem to include information from the receiving client in the log. I have however toggle back and forth between enabling Intercom enabled and disabled. But the results are the same.

Maybe a log trace will highlight which piece is missing?

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