Multi-tenant freepbx with multiple asterisk?

I know that it’s possible to run multiple asterisk on the same box with a different IP and config for each asterisk process.

Will it be an easy way to create a multi-tenant freepbx ?



I know there was a mention of the Multi-tenant version on the front page a while back but I haven’t seen much about it since then. Can you tell me if it is still in the works, and if so is there any estimate on the price? Is there somewhere that future customers of yours can add wishlist items? Is there anything we can do to help in the development process?

it’s currently a resource issue and relative priority since this is a very important version but to a very small minority of users. Right now we need to focus on getting 2.3 out (which has always been the plan anyhow) and then we can further assess the multi-tenant situation.

I would not say it would be an ‘easy’ way to do it. However, I have breadboarded a mutli-tenant sytem in that way. But what is really needed is the freepbx changes so you have one interface to manage all the different tenants. And there are gong to be many other implications to address.

Has the multi-tenant version been released yet?

I too would be very interested in this.

You can obviously create multiple trunks, with inbound routes going to different ring groups etc, but this doesn’t address the issue of separate CDR’s and billing for example. If there were a way to create several instances of a system easily that could be centrally managed that would be very useful.


I also would be very interested in multi-tenant. Right now I run (3) different installs on a server RAID 10, I build the clients as normal and just manage it very well in naming, etc. I use A2Billing for the billing of International and Toll Free numbers. I works well, however I would like something that even works better so I don’t have to jump between each one.

With Asterisk now supporting VM’s the need for a multi-tennant solution has been diminished.

ALso Schmooze offers a complete, ready to go reseller platform with PBXextended. It is very affordable and you can create client deployments right in the web portal.