Muffled DTMF sound

Sound of DTMF
The main Trunk is a dahdi

I am currently under Current Asterisk Version: 11.21.0 and PBX Firmware:6.12.65-32 PBX Service Pack:

My problem is that for incoming calls when the IVR hits, and you are asked to dial the extension the DTMF that it sounds , it is not clearly at all Sound of DTMF

. which i believe is the problem, i would like to know where to go and what i could change for this to be fixed, i have a SANGOMA card, and the Dhadhi channel configured as EUROISDN and PRI plan on national, tried different DTMF rfc2833 and inband, but no luck

Anyone that could help me or guide me on what to do next.

extra info:
[2016-02-17 16:42:49] DEBUG[26137][C-00000012]: res_rtp_asterisk.c:3533 create_dtmf_frame: Creating BEGIN DTMF Frame: 49 (1), at
[2016-02-17 16:42:49] DEBUG[24425]: manager.c:4856 match_filter: Examining event:
Event: DTMF
Privilege: dtmf,all
Channel: SIP/102-00000016
Uniqueid: 1455745348.32
Digit: 1
Direction: Received
Begin: Yes
End: No


[ivr-3] ; Recepcionista
include => from-did-direct-ivr
exten => s,1,Set(INVALID_LOOPCOUNT=0)
exten => s,n,Set(_IVR_CONTEXT=${CONTEXT})
exten => s,n,Set(__IVR_RETVM=)
exten => s,n,GotoIf($["${CHANNEL(state)}" = “Up”]?skip)
exten => s,n,Answer
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten => s,n(skip),Set(IVR_MSG=custom/bienvenida)
exten => s,n(start),Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=3)
exten => s,n,ExecIf($["${IVR_MSG}" != “”]?Background(${IVR_MSG}))
exten => s,n,WaitExten(5,)

exten => t,1(ivrsel-t),Goto(from-did-direct,100,1)
exten => t,n,Playback(sorry-youre-having-problems)
exten => t,n,Goto(hang,1)

exten => 100,1(ivrsel-100),Goto(from-did-direct,100,1)

exten => 101,1(ivrsel-101),Goto(from-did-direct,101,1)

exten => 102,1(ivrsel-102),Goto(from-did-direct,102,1)

exten => 103,1(ivrsel-103),Goto(from-did-direct,103,1)

exten => 104,1(ivrsel-104),Goto(from-did-direct,104,1)

exten => 106,1(ivrsel-106),Goto(from-did-direct,106,1)

exten => 107,1(ivrsel-107),Goto(from-did-direct,107,1)

exten => 108,1(ivrsel-108),Goto(from-did-direct,108,1)

exten => 109,1(ivrsel-109),Goto(from-did-direct,109,1)

exten => 110,1(ivrsel-110),Goto(from-did-direct,110,1)

exten => 111,1(ivrsel-111),Goto(from-did-direct,111,1)

exten => 112,1(ivrsel-112),Goto(from-did-direct,112,1)

exten => 117,1(ivrsel-117),Goto(from-did-direct,117,1)

exten => 120,1(ivrsel-120),Goto(from-did-direct,120,1)

exten => 121,1(ivrsel-121),Goto(from-did-direct,121,1)

exten => 124,1(ivrsel-124),Goto(from-did-direct,124,1)

exten => 125,1(ivrsel-125),Goto(from-did-direct,125,1)

exten => 126,1(ivrsel-126),Goto(from-did-direct,126,1)

exten => 132,1(ivrsel-132),Goto(from-did-direct,132,1)

exten => 133,1(ivrsel-133),Goto(from-did-direct,133,1)

exten => 134,1(ivrsel-134),Goto(from-did-direct,134,1)

exten => 146,1(ivrsel-146),Goto(from-did-direct,146,1)

exten => i,n,GotoIf($[${INVALID_LOOPCOUNT} > 1]?final)
exten => i,n,Set(IVR_MSG=custom/bienvenida)
exten => i,n,Goto(s,start)
exten => i,n(final),GotoIf($[“x${IVR_CONTEXT_${CONTEXT}}” = “x”]?from-did-direct,100,1:${IVR_CONTEXT_${CONTEXT}},return,1)

exten => return,1,Set(IVR_CONTEXT=${CONTEXT})
exten => return,n,Set(IVR_CONTEXT${CONTEXT}=${IVR_CONTEXT
exten => return,n,Set(IVR_MSG=custom/bienvenida)
exten => return,n,Goto(s,start)

exten => h,1,Hangup

exten => hang,1,Playback(vm-goodbye)
exten => hang,n,Hangup

;–== end of [ivr-3] ==–;

You are not meant to hear DTMF. That’s why it sounds muffled. You’ve shown asterisk detecting the DTMF, so I’m not really sure what the problem is? Everything seems to be working fine.

The problem is when i received an incoming call, and the IVR asks to dial a known extension, it nevers redirects to that extension, my only guess is problem with DTMF