Moving licensed modules from one server to another

I’m testing the backup/restore features. I’ve done a backup of a Stable-5.211.65/Release Date-2014/FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5/Asterisk 1.8 or 11 (using 11). I then installed another copy of this same version to a new box, and did a restore.

Now my licensed Endpoint Manager shows it isn’t licensed on the new box. I expected that. I created a new deployment ID and logged into to move the license from the old test server to the new test server, and it isn’t clear to me how this is accomplished.

Can someone give me a pointer or two?

This is my final step before handing this project over to another person for them to complete the deployment. It is my responsibility to make certain the system can be backed up and then restored to a completely different box.

All Commercial software modules that are purchased are licensed for a single
install/machine. We allow you to reset the hardware lock to move the license to a
new machine twice from the user portal. (Click on Deployment, Edit, reset zend)

We do not move licenses between deployment’s.

Thank you Preston, I found the “reset zend” when stumbling around myself. I wish terms like “reset zend” were substituted with something that made more sense like “release licenses” or “reset hardware key” or something.

But I digress.

My entire experiment is to move this deployment to a new box. I’m simulating the first box basically catching fire and going away.

So I restored my backup to a new box, did the reset zend thing, but I am getting a “vqplus module is not license” right after the login: prompt after a reboot. The previous box didn’t have any special licenses for vqplus, only EPM and System Admin. So that is kind weird.

When I look at the asterisk console (“asterisk -r”) I see lots of red warnings.

I’m trying again, but so far I’ve not had success moving to a new box.