Monitoring asterisk with netdata

Someone tipped me off to Netdata, an open-source monitoring & alerting tool with a cloud option. It’s another way you can monitor your server besides Zabbix, Prometheus/Grafana, SNMP, and others.

I set it up to test. Easy if you are using a DIY build on Debian:

  • apt install netdata
  • edit /etc/netdata/netdata.conf and bind to an IP or just bind to localhost if you want to tunnel or proxy
  • copy the statsd.conf referenced in the article to /etc/asterisk and restart to load the statsd module
  • (build and then) load the res_chan_stats and res_endpoint_stats modules
  • copy the asterisk.conf file referenced in the article to /etc/netdata/statsd.d directory
  • look at your stats at http://pbx:19999

Of course you get all the standard server vitals, too, not just asterisk stats.


Good stuff @billsimon. Thanks!

For the distro SNG7, I got it running by doing:

 yum -y install netdata

Edit the file /etc/netdata/netdata.conf with

bind to =

Restart the netdata service with

systemctl restart netdata.service

Create the file /etc/asterisk/statsd.conf with the content from the link above provided. Fix ownership and restart asterisk with

fwconsole chown
fwconsole restart

You’re done. Browse to http://<serveraddress>:19999

edit - I wasn’t seeing any Asterisk statsd statistics until I grabbed the following file restarted services:

cd /etc/netdata
systemctl restart netdata.service

Once the above file is in place, Asterisk stats show up in the statsd section of the dashboard toward the bottom.


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