Module Upload Failure

Trying to upload configeditoradv module.
This is the error message I am getting:

“Unknown file format of gz for configeditoradv-1.0.3.tar.gz, supported formats: tar,tgz,tar.gz,zip,bzip”

Well, it is a tar.gz format, which is supported, so why is it giving me this error message?

FreePBX 12.0.36, Asterisk 13.2.0

Please provide a link to download said ball of tar.

This is from the PIAF guys and I haven’t found it anywhere else. You need a forum account to retrieve the file. I am switching to FreePBX distro and was using the module to do edits of custom extensions and dialplan and to look at other configurations, without having to open a shell client. Very useful module.

Confirmed. FreePBX 12.0.36 will not allow a module to be uploaded with the .tar.gz extension. Renaming the file to .tgz will allow the install to proceed as normal. Bug?


Tried as .tgz.
Getting this error:
Could not remove temp storage at /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/upload54d9061202540

Got it to work as .tar.bz2

Sorry I do not participate and will not participate in their forums. If someone wants to upload it somewhere I will make the corrections to the upload engine.

Of note we are going to develop a module similar to this at some point in the future for free. Yes gotcha-free.

There is no license info for this module and the author’s URL is long dead, prob wise to leave right where it is. But you can simulate the failure by taking any .tgz module and renaming to .tar.gz

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