Module update history


Is it possible to list modules with their update history?

Tried a few different amportal commands, but I couldn’t find a way of listing the modules with a date of when they were upgraded to the current version. Looking for functionality such as ‘yum history info’.

Or, if the updates are logged somewhere. Looking in /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log shows notifications for modules requiring an update, but I can’t seem to see the actual updates in this log.

If anyone can shed some light, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

Hmm. That’s a good question, and we don’t REALLY have that. The easiest way is to browse through the module and check the revisions of the module.xml file.

For example, here’s Framework’s module.xml file on github.

Cheers, Rob.

Kind of suits what I am looking for, although I really wanted to be able to see what date I performed the upgrade…

As far as I am reading your response, I can determine what date the module update was committed to a repo but I don’t usually update modules immediately, and sometimes I am choosy as to which ones I update (so as not to break in-production systems).

Even if the GUI output (the part which shows the module downloading etc) was logged somewhere, that would probably suffice …

I forgot to mention that I am using Asterisk 11.

Maybe I am better off making a feature request for this (if you have such a thing)?

Thanks, guys.

Added this JIRA task

Let me know if I’ve done anything wrong …

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I should warn you that we review un-allocated tickets on monday (US time), which happened this morning. So it may sit there for a week before anyone touches it.

That’s no problem, Rob.

This is more wish list anyway. Not like modules often break functionality, requiring us to hunt down which one and roll it back.

This is actually just a requirement for work production and customer systems.

Thanks a heap. Someone with the power can close this topic now. Appreciate the help.