Modify the caller ID on forwarded calls

Recently I had asked about forwarding a call from an IVR to my Cell with the original caller ID. With help from the community, I was able to determine that it wasn’t working with "Misc Dest, but if I created a Ring Group and put the cell number in there it did work. Now I am asking how can I keep the original caller ID but add something in front of the caller ID so I know its an emergency call? Is there a way to add anything to the caller ID like a + or 00 or anything else so I know its an emergency call from the IVR menu and not just a regular call?

There are unfortunately no guarantees. It’s a matter of what your trunking provider will accept, how the mobile carrier may modify it and what your phone will display. If for example you are in US and caller ID is 2125551212 you could try sending +12125551212 and see if your phone displays something different.

Another possibility is to send e.g. +392125551212 (this is valid format for Italy mobile and is likely to display correctly on your cell phone). Of course, it won’t match your contacts but would contain the info you need to return the call if necessary.

Yet another option is to just pass the number of the original caller, but use Confirm Calls or play an Announcement so (after answering) you’ll know the call came via the IVR.

Or, just send your company number as caller ID and have another method to determine the original caller’s number, e.g. by looking at the CDR, or by writing some dialplan so the PBX sends it to you by SMS or email.

Finally, you could ring a SIP app on your mobile (assuming good mobile data coverage in your area), which could display any name and/or number you want. As a backup, you could also send a mobile voice call.

these are all great suggestions but my question is HOW do I send the extra digits? Right now I have th cell number in a ring group and when someone calls the IVr and presses 3 it goes to that ring group. How do I send an SMS or add digits?

For example, if the incoming caller ID is 12125551212 and you want to send 392125551212, then create a Set CallerID object with

CallerID Name: ${CALLERID(name)}
CallerID Number: 39${CALLERID(num):1}
Destination: Ring Groups (your ring group)

Then, change the Destination for IVR option 3 to the Set CallerID object you created.

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THANKS, didn’t realize that set callerID was there…

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