Mod to Superfecta trunk provided module

Over the break I spent a bit of time trying to modify the Trunk Provided Superfecta module in order to add the ability to flag inbound calls as spam based on CID name pattern. Crude proof of concept is here: source-Trunk_Provided.module · GitHub

At present is still needs work, it just flags calls based on an exact cnam match to the keyword, but the plan is to have the new gui field be able to accept a list of regexs so an admin can define regex patterns that will intercept CID Names of any format such as V11911085500051 (an actual spam cnam that I pulled from my call history)

I probably won’t get back at this soon, so dropping it here in its current form in case anyone wants to run with it.

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WooHoo – pair that with the allowlist and that will really put the bite on spam calls!

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Snowy weekend, so between shoveling I got spam regex’s working. Still needs testing, but looking mostly done now.


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