MMS showing wrong picture in UCP

the UCP only shows whatever the first ever mms received in the conversation with that number.

image_01.jpg is sent as an mms to my freepbx did. the UCP will show the mms of image_01.jpg. if the same sender later tries to send image_02.jpg, the UCP will display image_01.jpg again, however my softphone will correctly display image_02.jpg. likewise if i send image_03 it will still only show image_01.

If i have a different number send mms messages to my freepbx number I have the exact same thing happen.

I have tried rebooting the entire server and the behavior was identical.

Any idea what’s going on here?

Asking again as i’m still having this issue. I set up a fresh install of freepbx and i’m having the exact same issue. This is the only thing left keeping me from migrating to freepbx.

Here is a screen shot that might help to better show what’s going on.

The image on the left is my mobile phone, that i used to send MMS to my freepbx did.

the middle image is correct, that is my soft phone, it received exactly what i expected.

the image on the right is the freepbx ucp and is incorrect. Also the little popup IM screen in the UCP is incorrect as well. As you can see it displayed the same image twice, even though the second image was different. Now that it received that first image, that’s the only thing it will display no matter how many additional images i send. I have tried different browsers. And i still have the same issue despite a fresh freepbx install.

This is important to me because i have about 6 DID’s that i need to check for MMS messages, and i can only get my softphone to manage a single DiD for mms.

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