Mitel Phones Unavailable/On The Phone

Hi all,

Been playing around with this for a few weeks now and can’t get anywhere with the info I’ve found, so time to ask for help.

I have a handful of Mitel handsets (5212 and 5224 (yeah, I know they’re old, but they (usually) work)) and they all register no problem at first, and I can set them up using EPM with the provided template, but after a random amount of time, I stop being able to call them.
When dialing their extensions, I either get “The person at extension ## is unavailable…” or “The person at extension ### is on the phone…” and I’m unable to call to or from them.

If I leave them long enough, they seem to fix whatever is wrong with them on their own, but obviously this isn’t a good solution.

I’m a Linux guy, but I’m pretty new to Asterisk, so I haven’t seen anything meaningful in the logs and would appreciate some feedback or advice.

Edit: They’re all on the newest firmware and they’re all using G729 because the phones and FreePBX can’t negotiate ulaw properly.

In my experience, this sounds like your keep-alive time is set too high for your system to keep the phones connected. The fact that they drop off and ‘drop back on’ seemingly at random tells me that the problem has got to be something in the way the configurations for your phones and PBX are just not meshing.

Hm, that’s a thought.
On the handsets, the defaults are Registry Duration: 7200 seconds, and Session Timer: 1800 Seconds
Is the asterisk keep alive time available through the GUI, or just through sip.conf?

Well, I changed the keepalives to 180 and 90 seconds, and I’m still getting an unavailable error.
Any other suggestions?

Find, in the /var/log/asterisk/full file, where the phone goes “unavailable.” There might be a clue in there as well.

That does give some insight into things, though I don’t understand all of it completely. If anyone feels like glancing at it, you can find it here.
It appears that the phone reset or rebooted and grabbed the default config off of the server, as it was set to a static IP with a line key, and now it’s on DHCP again with no line key, hence the unavailable…
I’m going to try removing the generic config and see if that helps or not.

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