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Missing Timezone option in User Management

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(Adel Elmenyawy) #1


As per the online guide here it says that I can change the timezone from the User Details tab inside User Management. However, when I create a user and open User Details I can’t find that option.

Current Asterisk Version: 11.23.1
Extension Settings 13.0.4
User Management


(Andrew Nagy) #2

That setting is only in 14. Sorry.

Note that it does say “14+”. Next to that setting in the wiki.

(Adel Elmenyawy) #3

Thanks, Andrew for the quick response.

Isn’t it possible to upgrade on the existing installations?

(Itzik) #4

If you meant adding this feature in 13? Then no, FreePBX 13 is soon going to be EOL, no new things are being worked on 13.
In fact, FreePBX 15 alpha was released in August, which means that it is going stable sooner than later… So consider upgrading to 14.

Also, the version of Asterisk you use is EOL.

Upgrade to FreePBX 14

Or if you are on HyperV, use the conversation tool

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