Missing PJSIP port settings

I’m hoping I’m just missing something obvious but this is driving me nuts. In the process of upgrading a v13 system to a v15 system and I can no longer find the PJSIP port setting to change from default.

Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings and then “SIP Settings [chan_pjsip]” tab

I can’t find anything relating to port settings there. There is a “Show Advanced Settings” button, but enabling it doesn’t actually show any additional settings. Have tested on two different browsers just in case it was a weird HTML glitch.

Have the port settings moved elsewhere, or should I be seeing options I’m not?

Disable Advanced Settings and enable the UDP transport at a minimum. You may also wish to enable other transports. Submit and re-edit, you will see fields for the transport binding.

Ugh. Thanks Lorne. I can’t tell you how long I stared at that screen and didn’t flag that all the transports were off. :roll_eyes:

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