Missed calls in ring groups

I have a ring group as destination for an inbound route. the phones in the ring group don’t show the missed calls (to the group). I can choose my extension (misswed calls->account) but not the ring group extension (where i think i can find the missed calls) when i push the missed calls button on a particular phone of the ring group.

anyone can help me please to configure the missed calls so on every phone of the ring groups can see the missed calls he couldn’t answer ?

thanks a lot !!

That’s a setting on the ring group. “Mark Answered Elsewhere”

The issue I think you will find is that if you have 3 phones in the ring group: A, B, and C. If A answers the call, phones B and C will see a missed call. So phones B and C missed the call but the call was in fact answered.

Because of this it’s not really a missed call, it was answered, just not by the other phones in the ring group. If you’re ok with that then check that setting in the ring group and set it to NO

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Hello, Thanks for your message !!
sadly the “Mark Answered Elsewhere” was already on “No” in my ring group.
i tried to call and that no one answer : no missing call showing
i tried to call and answer with phone A : no missing call showing on B or C.
This is very strange. 3 days ago the missed calls were showing and i didn’t do something on the ring group since. i only changed the trunks (moved to another provider).
i also put “Call Completed Elsewhere” to disable in the sangoma template of my phone.
“Missed calls” are enable in this template.

Do you have any other possibility to solve this ?

I assume after changing the template your pushed the change to all the phones and made sure they actually updated?

Yes, i save, build and reboot in the sangoma template page. as the phone didn’t react, i force it to reboot in the EPM. it rebooted but uit still doesn’t show the missed calls :frowning:

do BLF’s display correctly on the phones?

I think so. i don’t know what “BLF’s display correctly” exactly mean. But red light shows up when a voicemail message is left, green when no voicemail messages. i have the APP-contacts correctly working too

If you have BLF buttons assigned to show the status of other extensions. Usually green when the extension is idle, red when on a call and blinking when ringing. This way you can see from your phone the status of a co-workers phone…

Thanks, i will check this and come back to you !
(i cannot test today)

so the BLF is working fine (green when the extension is idle, red when on a call and blinking when ringing).
So after a non answered call, the screen of my sangoma phone show (n Missed calls) but when i push the history/missed calls button, nothing…


do you have the firmware up to date on all of these sangoma phones? What model phones are they and how are you provisioning them?

i use p320 phones provisioned with dpma. their firmware are 4.15.4. i’ve just updated to 4.16.2 but no change…
i don’t know if it’s normal or not but when i push the History button it is displayed (All calls - 211)
211 is part of the ring group which is 200. 200 is not diplayed as option

I’ve only had one experience with the P series sangoma phones and it wasn’t good. Spent hours on the phone with Sangoma support trying to figure out why they kept unregistering. Never found a reason. They’d just lock up and fall off the PBX. Getting them to connect again required a factory default in many cases. They were a nightmare.

I finally had to replace them with another brand entirely at my own expense and haven’t had an issue since. No PBX changes, just replace the phones with another brand and poof… problems went away.

That was an earlier model generation of the P series though… The 310 I believe.

since these are sangoma phones, you should be able to call sangoma support for them.

I have a freePBX 16 system with a P370 and a P330 in use. I use them without the https-certificate-settings…just EPM and http…phones and server are at the same location.
Missed calls in a ring group work…last time I checked. The phones are 100% stable…

thanks but i need https for some functions.

I didn’t say the phones dont work with the https configuration. They work fine…
Just mentioned it, because I prefer simple solutions…and all my devices are in a local network without port forwarding.

i m happy to know that it works for you. but that doesn’t help me a lot :grin:

Actually, I wanted to check if you discovered a bug. It worked for me in the past (I think :thinking:). Today, I called the ring group and when I answer the call on the P330 the P370 does not show a missed call…BUT, when I answer the call on the P370 the P330 still shows a missed call…but just in the call history list, not on the desktop.
So, you are right…it is a bug :wink:

So someone has to report it to Sangoma…

EDIT: Just realized…same bug on the P370…it does not show the missed call on the desktop (when somebody else answered it in the ring group BUT does show the missed call in the call history list!
firmware 4_16_2

EDIT2: Could you please add “BUG: …Sangoma P-series phones” in the title of this thread?

my ring group setting is

EPM phone setting

Still a missed call in call history list (P370&330), when somebody else in the ring group answered the call…

Are we sure this is a phone issue?

Is the phone set to not use server-side call logs (this shouldn’t be the default) and the phone is receiving a “Call Completed Elsewhere” reason and still the phone’s local call log is recording the call as a missed call in the phone-local call log?

Or, is the phone set to use server-side call logs and the server is sending down the “call” as a missed call in the API response even though it told the phone to ignore it (phone config for call_completed_elsewhere and the proper SIP reason)?

At this location I just have 3 phones connected to a freePBX server. The extensions are part of a ring group. EPM entries are set to ‘configured by server’. I use http-provisioning, no https. To provision the P370, I have to edit the EPM phone template and restart…but I am fine with that…

When a call comes in and nobody answers it, the P370 shows this

When a call comes in and another ring group member (e.g. P330) answers it, the P370 does not show a missed call on the desktop, BUT shows a missed call entry in the call history. Same applies to the P330 when the P370 answers the call…

Any ideas? Is it on purpose?