Missed calls from own extenstion

I have 2 PBX extensions that are missing calls overnight and when i scroll through the missed calls the CID is that extension number. The phones are AAstra 6731i

What are the extension numbers in question? You may be the victim of an automated script probing SIP ports; in my experience they usually show up as 100 or 1000.

The extensions are 300 and 301. When I looked at the log file I was getting lines about registering extensions that don’t exist.

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Attempted registrations of extensions which do not exist is a good sign you’re getting hit with hack attempts. You should up your security; use good extension passwords, enable fail2ban (intrusion detection), enforce IP restrictions, use IP origination for trunks, etc… Most importantly, have good firewall practices and either use a good reliable commercial firewall or get really good with IP tables.

A small piece of the log file