Misc destination does not hear audio

This happens:
I set freepbx to divert the call under certain conditions to a mobile via misc destination, suddenly this feature stopped working. I looked at the log and not from errors of any kind, in practice it deviates hooks the call but does not pass the audio …

I tried to do the same thing but with ging group and it works perfectly …

Can anyone give me an explanation?

The usual cause is that the PBX is behind a NAT but the router/firewall does not properly forward the UDP port range for RTP to the PBX. If that’s your situation but you can’t fix it (e.g. you don’t have administrative control of the router), setting Inband Progress for the inbound trunk may help, or route the call to a dummy Announcement and then to the Misc Destination.

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is the correct answer (based on the other two topics that have come up recently). In fact, the way I do all of my MiscDest phones is to send it to an instance of “Please wait while I direct your call” message that then goes to the phone number.

thank you very much, now I have clearer ideas

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