Might be dunb Q, but do I need to set up Users and Groups?

Forgive my ignorance - but do I have to set up users and groups in a simple phone system? The phones have extension numbers - and I want VM to EMail to work, but the users of this 15 phone system will never need to enter the Free PBX GUI , Only I will. So I guess the question becomes - where does the users and groups information come into play? When will someone who is using this as a phone, need to logon to something?

Voicemail to email is configured in the extension settings under the Voicemail tab, no need to setup user groups for that, unless you want them to access UCP and customize some settings.

I’d prefer they never had to see the GUI - but I would like Dial by Name on the IVR. Is that possible and whats required to make that happen?

They don’t have to add it, you as admin can add their email under the Voicemail tab in the extension settings.

I believe that’s a separate question not related to your Voice question.

Take a look at the Directory Module.

Thank you - was hoping it was a separate thing.

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