MFCR2 - Dahdi Channels

I cannot use Dahdi Channels Module under Freepbx, because It doesn’t know the Framing type “CAS”.

We just have CCS,HDB3 or CCS,HDB3,CRC.

CAS are BRI channels (MFCR2). Is it possible to have this option? I would like to manage my Dahdi channels inside Freepbx.


You can submit a feature request to

This may be slow to happen as we don’t typically deal with R2 here in the US. The best option here would be to have someone who is wel versed in this setup to submit a patch.

For anyone wanting to do this see:
You can fork the code on Github

Hi “TheJames”! :smile:


I will submit!

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It’s been a while, were you able to make it work? I’m using elastix for now, but since it’s now 3CX I would like to use FreePBX now

As far as we know, MFCR2 works completely. If it doesn’t, please open a ticket on with what you think the problem is.

We made it a pretty major project back at the beginning of the year, and we believe we’ve got all the bugs out of it now, but as there appear to be LOTS of different edge cases, there’s always the possibility that we’ve missed something!

Are you using latest Distro.

Latest Distro has fully integrated MFCR2 inside Dahdi Config Section in the GUI