Messages playing while waiting in the Queue keeps up availability

I noticed that while waiting in a Queue and it either plays the IVR Breakout, Estimated Hold Time or Position and there’s an agent that just became available it won’t ring to the agent until the message is completed.

Is there a way to stop the message and immediately ring to the next available agent?

Not that I’m aware of, no.

Is this a Asterisk thing?

Yes. (and some padding)

Roger that. I Hope this issue will get some attention, this would improve call centers that really have a lot of calls. Yes every 3-5 seconds count…

While not exposed in the GUI, it appears there is a config option to suppress announcements to callers who are first in the queue, and it is enabled by default. FreePBX does not set this option anywhere that I can see, so I don’t know why the default setting of no is not honored.

; If enabled, play announcements to the first user waiting in the Queue. This may mean
; that announcements are played when an agent attempts to connect to the waiting user,
; which may delay the time before the agent and the user can communicate. Disabled by
; default.
; announce-to-first-user = no

If you can get this working, file a feature request with the necessary settings.

Thanks Lorne.

Can you give me more information where (which file) to set this?


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