Mediatrix 1124

I have a Mediatrix 1124 and I must say that none of it to register on my Asterisk 13

Does anyone have experience about

Are also fine tips

Twenty-four port FXS access device
 The Mediatrix®1124 provides IP connectivity for conventional analog telephones or Group 3 fax machines.
Designed for wiring closet installation, it protects customer investment in existing building analog telephone wiring to connect up to 24 phones and/or faxes to a corporate or Carrier-based VoIP network, through a single 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port. It can be used to provide connectivity to broadband access equipment for a Service Provider or Carrier's IP Telephony offering to the residential, enterprise or SOHO markets. Key features include: · Cost-effective VoIP access device enabling high-value IP Telephony applications. · IP connectivity for up to twenty-four existing analog phones and/or faxes. · Wiring closet installation protecting customer investment in existing analog devices (phones/faxes). · PSTN-quality voice over IP networks. · Transparent migration to an IP Centrex solution. · Deployable in a SIP VoIP networks. · Auto configurable, remotely manageable and upgradeable. · Interoperable with products of leading industry vendors. 

Looks like a pretty standard VOIP trunk device. Connect your POTS phones to it and connect it to your network. On the same network, set up an Asterisk server with a trunk connection set up to the device.

Do you have a specific question?

I tried to connect to an Asterisk 13 and gave me a lot of problems …
In the end I had available a Mediatrix 4124 instead has after a brief setup works very well …
I’m not going to work again with 1124 …
affair ended

I’m going to guess that it would probably work well with a Chan-SIP connection but may not work well with a PJ-SIP at this time. The new PJ-SIP stuff can be a little temperamental and doesn’t play well with everything that Chan-SIP did.

If you decide you want to “give love another chance” :slightly_smiling: I’d suggest setting it up to connect to a Chan-SIP connection.

Thank you
Actually use Chan_sip
The fact is that I had used about 1124 years ago with asterisk and I remember that you had to send a script to the machine to make it work with Asterisk, but I can not find documents about and then give up
You have been very kind and I thank you

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I have a mediatrix 4116 but I am failing to register it can someone give me a step by step configuration

I managed to register the mediatrix 4116 but my challenge now is the extensions on the mediatrix can make any outbound calls neither can they receive any inbound calls can someone hel on this issue please

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