Master/Slave APC UPS for multiple Server


In FreeNAS it is possible to allow the setup of a master/slave config in order to allow multiple server to be shutdown. Is this feature available from the Web interface in FreePBX?

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I doubt it. I’ve never seen an option for it anywhere,

how about this then, Dave

FreeNAS supports it. If it’s possible, could I make FreePBX listen on FREENAS. This would setup FREEPBX as the slave while FREENAS would be the master. Would the web interface overwrite any manual changes I make apcupsd.config?

System Admin Pro is the only place in FreePBX where UPS is configured, and only if you first enable it

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Yup. I use SystemAdmin Pro.
Does this mean that the UPS must be dedicated to FREEPBX and FREEPBX doesn’t like to share info or let others share UPS info with it?

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