Many errors in logs files while running

Hi all.

I’m running Freepbx V13.0.167 with asterisk 11.22.0
When parsing logs file when applying a config, I can see some errors like :

ERROR[29116]: config_options.c:531 aco_process_config: Unable to load config file ‘acl.conf’
ERROR[29116]: res_clialiases.c:193 load_config: res_clialiases configuration file ‘cli_aliases.conf’ not found
ERROR[29116]: res_config_ldap.c:1634 parse_config: Cannot load configuration file: res_ldap.conf
ERROR[29116]: cdr_custom.c:90 load_config: Unable to load cdr_custom.conf. Not logging custom CSV CDRs.
cel_custom.c:90 load_config: Unable to load cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.

And so on !
And also a lot of warnings !

Maybe it’s not good, but what can I do ?