Manually create extension that also works with WebRTC


In a try to be able to create extensions/users from an external web-app, I have gained access to the MariaDB and can now manipulate the data from my app.
However, I can’t get it to work, when I try to create an extension.
I have done some logging in the database, so I know which data that goes in which tables.
After I made a complete copy of a known working extension, I can use the extension with the softphone X-Lite (both in- an outgoing), and I can register the extension with WebRTC and make outgoing calls, but incoming doesn’t work.
My next step then, was to examine those .conf files in “/etc"asterisk/” which had data about the extensions, and those files seems to be:
The two extensions looks exactly alike in those 4 files (except of the extension number of course), but the problem remains.

Anyone with a good advice?

PS. Yeah I know that there are several ways to create extensions without going directly through the database, but I would like to do it this way - unless some of you have a very good example of another way that works flawless.

Thanks in advance.

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