Manually banned an IP Address but it's still in my sustem

So I was doing some troubleshooting and I left my allow Anonymous Sip register on, and when I came back I had all kinds of attempts on my system, and the firewall didn’t seem to catch it. I manually banned the IP addresses that were attempting to gain access, but for some reason I’m still seeing new logs that show that they are still attempting to gain access.

One of them is actually using the right extension and is trying over and over to access it. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Has my system been compromised somehow? I’m also seeing a lot of other weird entries in the log that i haven’t noticed before.

How about some examples? there are lots of us that are looking at the security of the system right now.

Sorry, I think the logs I was seeing were just part of rebooting the system. I did solve the issue I was having. (rookie mistake) I didn’t have the Interface in the firewall set you External, so I guess my system has just been open season, luckily it seems nobody took advantage of it as far as racking up my minutes goes. Once I changed my interface to External my attacks stopped.

Man, you will be playing never-ending cat and mouse game if you plan to manually check logs and update iptables…
Install and setup fail2ban - if you must keep sip service open to the world.