Manual installation of FreePBX 15 on CentOS 7

Is it possible to manually install FreePBX 15 on CentOS 7?
On the FreePBX downloads page, there is only FreePBX 13 and 14 available for manual download.
Furthermore, on the manual installation instruction page for FreePBX 15, there are instructions only for Debian, whereas for FreePBX 14 there are instructions for CentOS 7 and Ubuntu as well.
Does this indicate that FreePBX 15 does not work on CentOS 7?
Thank you
P.S. I tried to put links in to all the pages referenced, but apparently new users cannot include links.

The current isos are basically CentOS 7. In case you do not want the extra stuff, like firewall etc, or if you would like to add a lot of other stuff, then the manual installation of vs. 16 on a Debian 11 box (which is documented here somewhere) might be the easier way.

Thanks @jgttgns

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