Manipulating callee CID

Hello everyone,

i am looking for an option to manipulate name and number shown in display of the calling extension for local calls.

A calls B → B sees CID(name) of A, but A sees only “service” <2222>.
When B calls A → A sees CID(name) of B and not “service”.

I only found options to disable CONNECTEDLINE() for the extension which dials…

I tried it also with my own context, but it seems, that it is overwritten by another option.

exten => _7XXXXXXX,1,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name,i)=Service)
exten => _7XXXXXXX,n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name-pres,i)=allowed)
exten => _7XXXXXXX,n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num,i)=2222)
exten => _7XXXXXXX,n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num-pres)=allowed)
exten => _7XXXXXXX,n,Goto(from-internal,${EXTEN},1)

Thanks very much for your help!

I’m having a bit trouble understanding what you are trying to achieve.

Are you trying to hide the caller ID from the callee or you are trying to change something what the caller sees?

sorry for my poorly worded question… :smiley:

I’m trying to change the ID which the caller sees when he is calling an extension.

Only for internal calls? There is the CID Num Alias setting in the extension:

Hey, sadly there are only numbers allowed, so no chance for manipulating the name.

Maybe there is a module like “set callerID” but only for “callee ID”?

For outbound calls I used “outbound CNAM” from github, this does a lookup in Asterisk phonebook, but since freePBX 16 this seems to quit working I just noticed.

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