Manager commands missing specifically QueueStatus

I am upgrading our old FreePBX distro instance which is centos 5.5 fpbx 2.11. I have backed up and then restored on the fpbx iso 2.210 downloaded from the website. Everything seems to be working except for some in house applications that use the manager commands directly with asterisk.

In my current version, QueueStatus is a command that is listed when doing a manager show commands from the asterisk CLI. It is not in the new version. I have gone through the module admin and everything looks the same. I have verified that the obvious config files are identical.

What needs to be added that will give asterisk the manager commands that I am missing?

Little confused here, are you saying you restored an old 2.11 backup to a new system running FreePBX 2.10?

These are Asterisk commands, so entirely dependent on the Asterisk version you are using (and compile options beyond your control when using the distro). And QueueStatus is still a valid command now in Asterisk 14:

Connected to Asterisk 14.5.0 currently running on 58448910 (pid = 10849)
58448910*CLI> manager show command QueueStatus
Action: QueueStatus
[ActionID:] <value>
[Queue:] <value>
[Member:] <value>

Show queue status.

Queue status has been removed from asterisk 15

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