Making a call flow chart

I’ve been tasked with documenting call flow in visio and whats killing me now is IVR’s and getting a good way to diagram the 8-10 options.

I was hoping you found a good design aspect or maybe in the last 3 years someone else has better luck.

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Are you kidding me.

I do not like using visio to design call flow.

I stated that i wish people would answer this.

And i stated i want to keep this at the top until someone responds.

Does anyone have a good way to design call flow?

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There are a few knowledge mapping apps out there that might be a better fit than Visio, but if you were tasked to use Visio, someone is expecting you to use Visio.

I mentioned how i wanted this to be seen and that i hate visio not sure what upset people. Thanks for the info.

I have not been directly said to use Visio, but its what we use for network design right now. And i was hoping to hear about this amazing new software that everyone uses that is so much better.

artificially and obnoxiously bumping 2 year old threads tends to annoy people.

But don’t you see the above post relating to my request?

I don’t want to annoy people with a new post asking the same question. And if the OP tends to have found a solution in the last 2+ years maybe he still views the community threads and would respond.

This was my thought process.

Thanks for responding to me and keeping this going but back to the question at hand. Have you ever had to document call flow and if so what did you use to produce the best documentation?

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we also use visio and i agree that it is not the easiest to use for this type of thing. we have considered, but so far done nothing, to develop something that would create a visual representation of call flows through FreePBX. perhaps we should get our finger out of our butts and actually start work on it:)

LOL Bob Reiber

Thanks for responding to this.

I was hoping to revive your post but it looks like here we are.

I was doing a left to right flow to make things easier visually but i might need to break it top down and where IVR’s come in play break off to another tier and continue the flow. If this makes sense.

How are you building your flows visually ? Maybe we can come up with a better way to do this in visio?

it depends on how complex the call flow is. we usually do top down call flow with options (red time conditions, ivr button presses, etc) going left to right. most of our pbx’s have at least one flow control and multiple time conditions. the time conditions flow to ring groups, queues or other time conditions. so things get pretty complex pretty quickly and it takes some thought as to how best to represent the call flow on paper or visio diagram. sorry i can’t be more help but until we get a diagraming tool that can read the pbx config and create a diagram that you can edit (drag stuff around), we struggle with each and every diagram

I’d like to create a Feature Request for FreePBX to do this.

Something like a drop down on reports. Call Flow diagram. I can already tell you it will be set to patches welcome but you can submit it.

I created a feature request and a real quick crude mock up of what I am hoping to see in FreePBX.