MagicJack and FreePBX?

Hello we have 3 local analong lines all work on the FreePBX using the samgoma A200 card with FXO modules Finally got it setup to where it is working. However my boss the Ower wanted to setup a forth line But Verizon wanted to have a forth line just for his phone Ext. However Verizon wanted to much money. So he has a Magic Jack he brought from home I try to set it up and Call into it and i get a error message saying the Number you have dialed is a non working number. Which is strange. So i unplugged it and just hooked up a analog phone straight t the magic jack and it work i was able to call to the magic jack from my cellphone and call from the magic jack to my cellphone with no problem. I don’t see a mention of this kind of error before. Really need help can someone please help me? Thank you.

Oh i forgot we are using the forth analog port on the card also setup a new trunk for it as well as inbound and outbound for it.


So i have tried again with no luck. The message i get is the when i plug the magic jack into the freepbx server then i called from my cellphone to the magicjack it said the number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and try again.

Now if i just plug the magic jack into a normal analog phone with no Freepbx server connected to it. and i call again from my cellphone to the magic jack device. It works no problem I’m able to here voice and everything both ways. I’m also able to call out from the magic jack to my cellphone and that works as well.

Up to this point i do not know what to do next?

I’m sorry did i say something wrong?

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No, not at all I just remembered that I previously promised my seLf never to get involved with those things again, I hope someone else will help you though.


SO what am i missing? Or doing wrong to get this message can please help me thank you.

Personally, I would just get a sip trunk from a sip provider.

If I’m not mistaken, Majicjack is just a SIP and ATA wrapped up in a “cute” package. Just go for the real thing and get a SIP trunk as brk suggests. The fact that Dicko isn’t touching the subject should be a little telling of the issues that await you.

Hello where do i get the Sip information from? is your friend.

Hello Matt flowroute is a sip company voip company. The point is that Don’t need another number because we have one already with magic jack.

Hey Mpelchat I’m looking at getting the information from Magic jack i didn’t know. Thank you.

OK. in your due diligence, you should google that product’s users reviews, it is generally 95% negative from everyone, and it is 99.9% negative for anyone who uses it for business, is it really worth your effort? (it is certainly not worth mine :slight_smile: )

As with everything, you generally get what you paid for. You got FreePBX for free it is a very good value, it is up to you to add the “valued added stuff”, but you can’t polish a turd unless you are Japanese schoolboy.

I little annecdote to follow-up on dicko. I was making a presentation a few weeks ago for SIP/FPBX to a potential customer, the BIG cheeses. The ONE major question was … “Is the quality like Magic Jack?” He had tried and didn’t appreciate it. As soon as we said NO, it was pretty much a signed deal. You should really consider trying something else.

Besides, it seems to me, though I’ve never done it, that setting up a magicjack acct and such would be about as time consuming as an actual SIP trunk with a real supplier.

Anyhow, good luck either way.

Marc out.

Hello Mpelchat. Actually i didn’t set nothing up. I just plugged the magic jack in and it works. The problem i had was one of hte Fxo modules are bad. it was a used card a friend of mine had. So i used port 3 and set it up in the trunk as well as inbound and outbound and it work. But he had other card the same ones because he had a 12 analog old pbx so i just pulled modules out to fix this card. So in all my problem i found was bad modules.

A whole bunch of trial and Error seem to fix the problem. And i thought it was the magic jack that was the problem.

I would also make sure your not violating any TOS using magicjack in this manner! :wink:

Hello may i ask what Terms of Service are you speaking of from magic jack? I’m sure How I’m going that when I’m only plugging in the analog port from the magic jack to the Freepbx server with the sangoma analog card. I couldn’t get the information from the magic jack to do the other stuff. So i got the analog card working.

I was just suggesting to check out their TOS. Your probably fine using the analog card. I know several VOIP providers state their service is for non business use only so that would probably be the only issue if MagicJack has that clause (Honestly not sure but better to be safe than sorry!) I know they frown upon sniffing traffic to try to decipher their SIP settings.