Macro-user-callerid how to set handly variable TTL for disable mechanism that prevent infinite loop?


I want to make a ring group ring 5 seconds and if no answser another ring group ring 5seconds and call the first ring group if no answer… it’'s a loop, and it’s the wish of my customer.
But there is a mechanism to block more 6 loops , like Lorne Gaetz tell me.

[2017-09-12 16:04:18] VERBOSE[10948][C-000000a2] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:17] Set("PJSIP/156-0000033c", "__TTL=0") in new stack

How to disable this ?


You need to help your customer understand something - five seconds isn’t enough time; it’s barely enough time for one ring, let alone two or three. The phone will ring, then drop the call, then ring, then drop the call, then ring, then drop the call forever.

A better choice would be to set the ring time on the phones (and the second ring group) to something ridiculous and add the first ring group to the second.

I had a similar request from a customer, and the solution was a cascade of three ring groups. The first rang the receptionists’ phones for 15 seconds, the second group rang all of the local technicians desk phones for 15 seconds, and the third rang all of the phones in the facility (and optionally outside cellphones or 911). By selecting group timeouts that give the people time to respond, you run a much better chance of the configuration succeeding in their ultimate goal.

A recent update to core will probably fix this for you:

It’s in edge, to upgrade core from edge:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade core
fwconsole r

Hi with this update the problem has gone away.

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I"m seeing this happening again in core v14.0.28.80

We also have a RG looped to the same RG if no answer. Would just increasing the ring time of the RG solve the issue?

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