Looing for a CDR Reporting tool

Customer has looked at Sangoma’s Queue Reports, the built in CDR Reports, and Asternic CDR Reports. While none are bad, none give them all of the data they want either.

Does anyone else have a recommendation for CDR tools for purchase?

When they go down this road, I’d recommend:

  • a .csv export of the CDR table at a regular interval. Then they can put it wherever they want and they have all of the data.
  • Connect the CDR table to Tableau or Splunk to let them have flexibility and ease of use once they have a working viz.


  • CSV Export to Excel: That can be done, but getting them to dedicate a person to that task is unlikely.
  • Splunk/Tableau: I hadn’t thought about that.
  • CDR-Stats: Used to be A2Billing? Honestly forgot about it.

Personally we are going the Splunk/Tableau route, but the CDR-Stats actually looks promising and would be less involved (I believe) than what we are doing. I like that it is compatible with Freeswitch, Asterisk and Kamailio, but I also see the last release is 5 years old, so maybe not the best option.

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Saw that too. So looking at options.

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