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Apologies if this is quite a simple questioned answered elsewhere already - I have looked around but not found it yet though - perhaps my googleFu has failed me. :slight_smile:

We are running FreePBX and our call staff use a queue for the main calls - I have the extensions in as Dynamic Members - they sign in and out of the queue by dialling *45 on their handset.

Simple enough - only issue half the time they forget to sign in and out when going on lunch/leaving their desks - becoming a bit of a pain to manage. I appreciate the answer really should be… teach the staff to make sure they do it!

Alternatively - I’d like to just be able to remove and add members from the queue myself - ideally from my own handset? Or a CLI command.

I have tried, for example, running the command “queue add member 201 to queue 5000”

This… doesn’t quite achieve what I want - it shows “201” as in the queue - but doesn’t actually work - I’m assuming where I entered 201 for the extension, I need to input something else there, rather than the number - just I’m not sure what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

queue show queue# will show you who is logged in and then

queue remove member member-from-above from queue# will let you kick them.

Alternatively, iSymphony will let you very easily manage the Queues through a GUI - Very nice for managing lazy users.

Read the wiki, IIRC there’s a way how you can log in/out another user via *45

Like Greg said, get your hands on a queue dashboard.
Options like FreePBX/Sangoma Queue Wallboard, FOP2, iSymphony etc.

Doing it by the phone doesn’t seem to work on my setup…

When I do - *45*214*7001 - It just logs in my own extension
When I do it by CLI, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be using to select the extension?

Queue show displays the logged in members in this format…

  Jimmy Elliott (Local/[email protected]/n from hint:[email protected]) (ringinuse enabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 5 calls (last was 1321 secs ago)

I’ve tried a combination of “[email protected]”, “209”, the display name, the whole string…

First, go read https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Queues+Module+User+Guide Using the Feature Codes are “user” based. Meaning that when you dial those Feature Codes the PBX is pulling information about the extension/user dialing the Feature Codes.

If you want to add/remove members from the Queue on the fly, you’ll need a program to do so. Or you’re doing it via the Asterisk console.

If they are in fact user based - that needs to be made clearer - because this line seems to contradict that?

" Dynamic agents can log into or out of a specific queue by dialing 45yyyyxxxx* where xxxx is the queue number and yyyy is the user’s extension.

Why the need to enter in extension, if it’s only ever going to select the extension you have dialed from?

Further - I am trying by using asterix console/CLI - but as per my previous message, and the first one when I opened this thread, I don’t know what i’m supposed to enter for the extension I wish to sign in?

You need to dial *45ext*queue

*45 - Toggles Agent in/out of ALL their Queues
*45xxx - Toggles Agent in a SPECIFIC Queue
*45*yyy - Toggles the Agent in/out of ALL their Queues and creates hints for BLF to show they are logged in to what Queues.
*45yyy*xxxx - Toggles the Agent in a SPECIFIC Queue and creates a hit for BLF for that specific queue to show them logged in.

So you don’t need to enter an extension if you are toggling yourself in/out all the queues you are a member of or a specific queue. You only need to include the extension details if you want to generate hints for BLF when you log in.

In regards to add members via a Queue through the Asterisk console you need to do as the example in the Asterisk wiki or Asterisk console shows:

queue add member <dial string> to <queue> [[[penalty <penalty>] as <membername>] state_interface <interface>]

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Because there is a hint associated with the feature code that tracks the login status of the extension. The feature codes must be unique for the hints to work. It is the hint that lights the LED on the BLF button.

This is pretty detailed in the Wiki page I posted as a reference to read and then prompted this question by copying and pasting from something that wasn’t completely read. The paragraph has a header " Queue Agent Login Toggle (Single Queue with Hint)" and the other two sentences in the paragraph that follow what was copy and pasted here explain exactly what we just did. It’s for hints.

I seem to be getting mixed information here. Some of you are saying I CAN sign in other extensions from dialing *45, others are saying I can’t and it’s just for the hints feature thing?

Moving on - when doing it by CLI - if I want to sign, say, extension “201” in - what do I type for the to reference that extension? Because I’ve tried a number of combinations and nothing has worked thus far.

Not sure about you, but I can :slight_smile:

Tab is your friend, type queue remove member <tab> and see all options…

*45*yyy - Toggles the Agent in/out of ALL their Queues and creates hints for BLF to show they are logged in to what Queues.
*45yyy*xxxx - Toggles the Agent in a SPECIFIC Queue and creates a hit for BLF for that specific queue to show them logged in.

I’m not sure if anyone pointed this out (it didn’t look like it to me) but what you said you were entering is different from both of these examples.

Star 45 Star Agent Star Queue isn’t a valid sequence.

I understand (I believe) all the codings above. This MAY be a little off topic and if so I apologize.
I have 3 dynamic agents (extensions) who can log in individually. I provision these phones using EPM (Commercial) and have the Agent login/off setup as BLF “Login” *45.
Unfortunately I therefore do not get the BLF hint. The only way I can see around this is to set up a separate provisioning template (Yealink T46S) for each “agent enabled phone” and enter the 45110 (or something similar). As we will be have to introduce this feature on more phones this will become a little painful for provisioning.

Any workarounds?

Set the value in the template to *45_line1Ext_
See EPM variables: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Variables-Version+12.X+or+greater

Alternatively, you can enable in the general settings to allow you to change the layout for each phone through extension mapping


Hi PitzKey,
Thank you very much for this information - just what I need.

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