Limiting extension to one concurrent call

I tried configuring an extension in my FreePBX setup, let’s call it extension A. I want this extension to handle only one call, and return a busy message if another extension tries to call it.

I therefore set “Device State Busy at” to 1, and confirmed from the Asterisk Info->Peers windows that, when there’s a call in progress, the endpoint’s state is indeed Busy.

I’ve then set the extension’s Optional Destination->Busy as “Terminate Call-Busy”.

At this point I expected that, with an ongoing call from extension A to another number (either inbound or outbound, there’s no difference in the behavior), trying to call extension A from another extension (let’s call it extension B) would return the “Busy” message.
Instead, extension A’s display shows that extension B is calling it, while the first call is still going on.

Am I missing something?

Have you tried disabling call waiting on the extension ?

I did now, and… that was it. Guess it was way simpler than I expected. Thanks!

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