Lift handset, say which extension (or speed dial) you want to dial

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Is this possible with FreePBX? I have some old rotary phones with unreliable pulse to tone converters fitted and I’d like to get around the problem of them not really working by implementing speak to dial?

Is this possible? I think not, but thought it worth an ask.


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Yes, custom dial plan and implementing a speech to text engine (amazon, Google, Lumenvox, etc.) will let you do this.


Also, see
$31.88 incl. shipping on Amazon.

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I did something like this a long time ago. I set up Emergency phones that connect to a nurse’s station. As soon as the nurse answers, she handles the call, including routing the call out for the person. Doing something like that up with a voice to text application would probably not be impossible, but getting the Amazon or Lumenvox parts to work reliably might be the long pole in your tent.

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