Letting go of the reins.. need help with my small office setup

Hi, learned a lot here. Was able to setup my own freepbx system for my small business. (startup solo practice doc)
Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, I apologize if it is not. I’m looking for someone who can help me optimize my system. Need to focus my time on other things and let you, the experts optimize my phone system. And ofcourse, compensate for your time.

Biggest issue I have is I can’t figure out how to setup faxing though I’ve read that it can really be a pain in the rear to do it. Bought a Cisco ATA SPA 122 thinking even at least I can use my fax machine for occasional outgoing faxes (I have a cloud based charting system) where I have my incoming faxes routed to. I only fax out if I have hard copies that I do not need to scan in the system first. Rest of the other issues are small and just really consulting for optimization/review of features we may not be utilizing.

Thanks for your time.

@bonjongp, for fax I recommend Fax-Pro https://www.freepbx.org/fax-pro/. You could save the faxes in your FreePBX machine or delete them. You could also set an email alert with/without fax attachments. You could save the frequently used fax number to send fax with a click.

Look at https://www.faxage.com/hipaa-compliant-faxing.php as an example for requirement to full fill HIPAA compliance. The keyword is SAFEGUARD PHI.

There are several people on here that can help manage your PBX. In addition to the experts, you could look at Sangoma, Crosstalk Solutions, or maybe Clearly IP for supporting your telephony platform.

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