[HOW-TO] Integrate FAXPRO with Contact Manager

Is there a way to fill the fax destination in FAXPRO from FreePBX’s Phonebook or Contact Manager? This will help avoid sending faxes to the right destination and avoid human error while typing the numbers. May be adding an action for sending a fax in UCP’s Contacts widget when clicking on a phone number?


When adding an External entry in the Contact Manager there is a checkbox to mark the phone number as a fax. This will add an action in the UCP’s Contacts widget to use the number to send fax. However, when I click on Initiate, nothing is happening. In the User Manager, I gave the user all administrative access and most the settings in the UCP were set to Yes.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I would like to thank Sangoma for the support. I had to update FAXPRO to an Edge version 14.0.10 for this to work (in the future this may not be necessary).

My plan is to use Contact Manager to save frequently used fax numbers to decrease errors from manually entering the fax numbers each time and potentially sending the fax with a sensitive information to the wrong destination. Then to use the Contact list to send faxes by clicks.


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