Let's encrypt error:No registration exists matching provided key

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I’ve installed the SysAdmin Pro commercial module and trying to obtain a let’s encrypt certificate. I’ve followed some tips for a couple of years ago on the forums and still haven’t had any luck. I’m receiving the error: There was an error updating the certificate: HTTP Challenge for x.x.x [redacted] is not available. Whole response: {“type”:“urn:acme:error:unauthorized”,“detail”:“No registration exists matching provided key”,“status”:403}

I’ve made sure the firewall is not blocking the request and even see a request from let’s encrypt in the httpd logs: x.x.x.x [redacted] - - [10/Oct/2019:16:06:56 -0700] “GET /.freepbx-known/7aee364bdd
73fd8baad862f502943d29 HTTP/1.1” 200 32 “-” “-” so I assume that part is working. However, the same error.

Any suggestions?

Cannot issue Let's encrypt certificate

Try this this thread

I found at least one solution in there for it when I ran into a similar issue (and not the marked solution.


I have the same issue when I try to generate the let’s encrypt certificate I get an error

my certificate manager version is 14.0.4
I’ve tried the suggestion to delete /etc/asterisk/keys/ _account but that did not work and The Wizard
did add exceptions to the FreePBX firewall and there is no other firewall on Vultr VPS
I did the same process on a different server a few months ago and everything worked fine

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upgrade certman to edge mode and try again


I’ve upgraded the certificate manager module to edge and it works,
my problem was I assume that 14.0.4 was already newer then
that was in the different article, thank you very much

Let's Encrypt
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No problem. Someone else turned me on to the solution so I’ll pass the credit on

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You can try to upgrade last version on CLI

fwconsole ma downloadinstall certman --tag 14.0.5


this just fixed my issues not being able to create a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

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Been having the same problem. After upgrading to the 14.05 I get:
There was an error updating the certificate: 15859820.deployments.pbxact.com already exists!

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Hi @Scion Pls try to open support ticket for investigation your DDNS conflict issue. Thanks.

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