Latest EPM update won't let me add lines in Basefile Edit for Polycom & DIgium Phones

I have been working in Basefile Edit for the last few days in Endpoint Manager. Today there was a Module Update to 13.0.15, and now I there are no menu options to add lines while in Basefile Edit. This latest update to Endpoint Manager took away the option to add lines.

Just updated and it’s working okay for me. The Add Entry button still exists and still works as expected.

did you click “apply config” This does link up some javascript stuff.

I absolutely did. I have three FreePBX servers on my network, all running x64 FreePBX 10.13.66-6 and all modules updated. In looking at my different servers, it looks like I have an “add entry” buttons to some of the templates (Grandstream and Yealink), but there is no option to do so for my Digium or my Polycom phones. I am going to need an “add entry” button for my Polycom templates.

This appears to be a problem with Polycom and Digium phones. I put in a bug report. Can anyone with Polycom and Digium phones confirm this please?

I’ll confirm it. I’ve spent the last 24 hours looking for the button or dropdown… Don’t see it.

These are for Polycom Phones

Also confirmed. I added records manually in MySQL on the backend to get lines added for Digium phones.

Thanks for the verification, guys. I have added this to the bug report. Hopefully this can get moved up the priority list.

I would hate to start digging through the MySQL backend, cuz I would most likely hose up my server!


Can you provide a link to the bug report? I can’t seem to find it.

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I am missing the button as well.

Here you go:

I have found it by searching for the word “basefile” and then order by creation date. It does not seem to be getting any interest.

No worries, I just added my vote.

Here is the link for anyone looking.

Thanks. I understand why I couldn’t find it. Its been filed under the FreePBX Contributed Modules Area. This is for non-official modules. If you want it to get noticed it needs to be under FreePBX with Component: Endpoint (Commercial). I doubt the Devs are checking the FreePBX Contributed section.

Ticket has been moved.

Whoops! Obviously a rookie mistake. Thanks.

Thanks. Given it used to work I’d say it was a bug not an improvement request.

I just updated and it seems that at least for polycom , the add button is back. Also noticed that the OSS Provisioning seems to be working again for FPBX 13. Surely unrelated, but…

I just updated and checked. The “Add” button is back for both Digium and Polycom phones. Thanks, guys!!!:grinning: