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Is there are way to change the language in UCP ? How can we add translation ?


This is being worked on to add to our translation system. I am hoping in the next week or 2 as we have a few languages we need to get done.

You might try using the language options in Google Chrome. explains the setup. The translator has “on the fly” translation for a page or “sticky” translation for site content. Firefox and Safari can use the Google Translate extension to provide similar functionality.

Hi Philippe (Bonjour Philippe!)

You could, in theory, add your own translation by loading the translation template file /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucp/i18n/ucp.pot into Poedit (or any other program which permit the translation of pot/po files like Pootle for example).

Unfortunately the ucp.pot file is not up to date (a lot of strings are missing, I translated all of the ones which were in there and it looks like it’s only a small percentage of them) and I am not fully sure how xgettext should be invoked to update the fie…

But assuming you could update the .pot file the next step would be to compile the file to a .mo and put it and the .po in a subdirectory called LC_MESSAGES under another directory with the appropriate code (for exemple fr_CA, fr_FR, etc…). The files would need to be called ucp.po and

Definitely doable but it’s probably best to wait a little to see if a translation for the language you want becomes available.

(I assume it is French as your name definitely sounds French…)

Have a nice day! (Bonne journée!)


The pot file itself is actually very up to date. They get updated each time we publish a module. However, UCP itself is modular so modules themselves have their own pot files you’d need to translate

Also all of our translations are done through

how can I have a account on to begin translating UCP ?


You now have access. Enjoy

Can I help to translate into pt_BR?
Português (Brasil)

BTW, there are some components in which Português (Brasil) is missing.
Who can add those?
It would really be great to see it completely in this language. :smile:

Hi. I waht translate UCP to Russian and Ukrainian. Can you give me access to create and change translations onb Thk.

If you’d like to translate please read this page:

It details the steps you need to take.

Hi Renato,
I have transmitted your demand to Andrew Naggy of
freepbx, it’s the guy who gave me access to freepbx translation.


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Is there a way to set a default language other than english in UCP ?



It looks like the UCP language is stored in a cookie called lang with a path of “/ucp”…

Maybe there’s a way to set it by passing a parameter or something similar but I have not found it yet…

I even tried telling my browser to ask for another language by default and that didn’t work…

Assuming there is not actually a way to do it the two best ways to do this I guess would be to either store the user language in the database and/or make it possible for it to be specified in the URL provided to the user.

In the mean time however I think that your best bet would be to use Apache’s mod_rewrite to set a cookie (using the “cookie flag”) and possibly rewrite the URL…

It kind of depends whether you want to support one or more language for the same installation… If you need to support more than one language at the same time I would use different URLs specific to each of the languages needed to be supported otherwise I would only set the cookie and not rewrite the URL.

If you only need to support one language and not rewrite the URL I guess you could also use mod_headers to set that cookie…

Best bet however would be to be able to do from FreePBX but if there is a way I have not found it yet…

Bonne chance et bonne journée!
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Under Advanced Settings, System Setup, Default Language (at least that’s where it is under FreePBX 13).

Set it to fr_FR… (ie the language you want)

It won’t support defaulting to more than one language at the same time (using more than one URL to specify the user language) but then you actually wanted a way to set a default language in the first place and this is how you do it…

Bonne chance et bonne journée!
(Good luck and have a nice day!)


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