Cyrillic problems in UCP

In new 14 version we have problem with Cyrillic support.

Yesterday I found this comment how to fix it.
in file /etc/odbcinst.ini you need to load not “w” (UNICODE), but “a” (ANSI) for UTF8:

You need to upload from somewhere Driver=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/odbc/
Is it true?

Please, fix cyrillic encoding in income calls description! it’s terrible(((

Ilya, please don’t resuscitate a 2 years old thread, especially since you posted about this in your own thread a week ago.


I will reply in the other thread…

Do svidaniya!


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That’s almost entirely not helpful. What is the actual problem? Being fluent in a language that uses Cyrillic, what errors are you seeing and what are you willing to do to make the system better? This is a community supported system - everyone needs to pitch in to make it better.

This is the problem ^ as of now minimal testing has shown that the driver causes Asterisk to crash, however since the 7.4 upgrade the crashes no longer happen but we haven’t put this into widespread usage yet. There are other tips in the thread.

Sorry, we’re just in despair. Thank you for your reply. Spasibo!

I am definitely not fluent in Russian but can read those letters… **

The description field is corrupted, these are definitely not Cyrillic letters…

The Date and Duration fields are OK but that’s because they are not stored like that in the database, they are formatted that way only for display.

I saw his post a few days ago but I was on the road (not driving but using my phone is a pain to use to post here) and forgot about it once I got home, this is why I knew he has posted about it before…

I had even tracked down the appropriate ticket, the one Andrew just posted…

Izvinite Ilya…

I wanted to post in this thread, the one he opened a week ago, to refer him to the ticket but Andrew already did it so there’s not much I can add to this…

Ne problema i ne za chto!

(essentially no problem and you are welcome…)

Do svidaniya!


** Russian is very hard to learn, I am pretty sure that I will never be fluent in it but the alphabet is actually pretty easy to learn. That “y” looking letter you see sounds like “ch”, that letter that looks like an inverted “N” is actually an “I”. You think you see a “C” but that’s actually a “S” and what looks like a “P” is actually a “R”, etc…