Kickstart error advance install of 10.13.66 x64

I’m attempting to do a full advanced install (want to use full drive and set IP) of the latest stable PBX. I’m getting a kickstart error. I’ll let the attached pictures do the explaining.

Crazy thing is that if I just do a standard install it works.

Also, should it say p1p1 instead of eth0? I do have this attached to a switch.

Thanks in advance!

I just did advanced with no issues here on a server with dual drives.

Also not sure why you are doing advanced. If you do the normal install it will let you set your IP and also if it detects two drives it will auto setup software raid

I currently just have the one drive installed. Was more concerned with how it partitioned the space of that drive… I want it to use all the space and not simply replacing a previous linux partition(s).

We use all the space in our normal mode.