IVR with DID or account number

Hi All, I’m looking for a solution to verify DID or account number. Suppose if caller call, IVR should announce “enter your DID or account number”, caller enter did or account, system check if this DID or account exist or not and proceed accordingly. Please advise.

Dynamic Routes module can prob do this depending on the validation required

Hi @lgaetz , thanks for the reply. I’ve that dynamic route installed. Now in database there is a table “cidlookup_incoming” where inbound DID’s stored. I want if caller call and DTMF that DID, system should search in that table, if DID exist call should be routed to Queue otherwise hangup. Please advise

Anyone please advise.

Hi @lgaetz, can you please advise on this?

Please don’t tag people multiple times, if they chose not to respond, let it go…

Don’t sit back and expect anyone to do all the work for you… Post screenshots, logs etc etc.

I got it, it seems to be working. If I set a MYSQL command in dynamic route and enter match in “Dynamic Route Entries”, it works. Just one thing, if there are hundred’s entries in the database do we need to also add those matching in " Dynamic Route Entries"? Is there a wild card so if system match the entries in database send the call to specific destination?

Instead of selecting extension you can do something like

select "true" from users where extension like [INPUT]

and the query will always return true if there is a match instead of a variable value.

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It works perfect. Thanks so much for your help.

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