IVR trouble

So a user called me this morning saying that all my calls are going to a different user, at first I was like sure they are… well that’s persons extension was 151 and the IVR had the other person as 1, 5 so it made sense the person was probably just dialing the 151 too slow and it was going to the other phone right… NOPE I dialed in using my Cell and pressed 151 as soon as the IVR picked up. and it went to the other person… so it seems like Enable Direct Dial in the IVR isn’t working as it used too? Can someone tell me what I can do to resolve this?

ok so I just noticed the setting Force Strict Dial Timeout once I changed it to No-Legacy, it worked as before… Sorry for the confusion.

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This was a horrible update. All existing IVR should have migrated as Legacy.

This was called out in March, then “fixed” in April. The fixed was called out as bad but nothing happened.

Now finally after someone else called Sangoma out on not pushing all the edge stuff live it all happened at once and the this is coming back to hit everyone.

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