IVR Repeats message twice. How do change that?

I would like to change the IVR greeting. Right now, after it plays the announcement once, it immediately plays it again. I would like to pause at least 3 seconds before the announcement is replayed.

This is what actually happens on incoming call:

IVR plays announcement/greeting.
replays greeting/announcement again
wait seems to be a couple of seconds
“We have not received a valid response. Please try again.”
repeat 2 more times
send to invalid destination, which is a user.

How to make the announcement play only once?

Logs. There’s a Wiki that covers Great Debug (on phone right now, so I don’t have the link saved). We need the /var/log/asterisk/log from a failed call.

Thanks Dave Burgess. I am embarrassed to report that the greeting was appearing twice under Admin > System Recording > The recording/greeting itself > File list for English > there were two recordings. I deleted one.

Just making a mental note to remember if the same situation arises again.

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