IVR calls forwarding, based on a weekly schedule

Hello everyone,
I know there has been posted a lot about this, but I just wanted to ask if it’s possible to accomplish this specific task, so I wouldn’t waste my time in advance if it is not.

I will simplify the story - we use IVR so if a caller chooses option 1 the call should be forwarded to a colleague’s 1 cell phone. If the caller chooses option 2 the call should be forwarded to the colleague’s 2 cell phone.
This should be rotated on a weekly basis - from next Monday, calls should be forwared to colleague’s 3 and colleague’s 4 respectively (we are going to be on vacation in August, so calls should be distributed evenly).

Is there a chance to automate this rotating process?
Could I accomplish this with Time conditions somehow? Or should I use another approach?
Also, it would be great if I could force FreePBX to redirect the call via our GSM gateway (because calls are going to be redirected to cell phone numbers)

If you set up Call Flow Control, using Dyn Routes as stated here may help → Using Dynamic Routes for Call Flow Control

Also it could be done with Time Conditions with calendars and calendar events.

@spioli Thank you for your advice!

After getting familiar with these topics, I’ve decided to try the following:

  1. I’ve created 4 Time Groups (one Time Group per week)
  2. I’ve created Ring group for each of the colleagues and added an external number as an extension
  3. I’ve created 4 IVRs (each IVR for each colleague per week)
  4. I’ve created 4 Time Conditions and linked them with IVRs and Time Groups
  5. I’ve set IVR’s destinations as Ring Groups

It wasn’t so hard and I think it should do the job :slight_smile:

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Nothing wrong with what you did, but if the 4 time groups are all identical, you can do this by creating a single time group and using it in the 4 time conditions.

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Unfortunately, I’ve overlooked that I’m missing the automation part - this is possible to accomplish by steps I’ve mentioned above, but in that case, I have to login to GUI every week and manually change the IVR’s destinations (ring groups).

I’ve thoroughly explored everything in Calendar and Calendar event groups but couldn’t find a way to set up IVR / Time conditions / Ring groups based on calendar events / weeks in Calendar.

Please, is there something that I’m missing?

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