It's 4th of July in the US, and the Americans aren't paying attention!

So quick, post feature requests while the Australian is here and awake!

Feature code to summon an Uber. That seems to be the in thing for communication software.


Sadly, there’s no Uber in Gladstone.

But, you know, I think someone thought of this idea a while ago. Using a telephony device to summon a car to come and take you places? I’m sure I’ve heard of that being used somewhere else.

Well it is not quite the 4’th here and we still have four months to “wake up”, maybe a feature code to get Malcolm a Uber ride out of town? :slight_smile: when the driver’s done he could swing by Trump Towers perhaps and take him to Oz . . . .

It was in a Star Trek episode.

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In the olden days, we called it “calling a cab.”