iSymphony and Active Directory Authentication

Does anyone know if iSymphony works properly with Active Directory Authentication? I tried to set it up, but couldn’t get iSymphony to allow any users to log in. Perhaps I had something misconfigured, but I did see something in the changelogs for User Manager related to adding the ability for 3rd Party Apps like iSymphony and Bria to be able to authenticate to LDAP directories.

If it should work, is there any special setup required beyond setting up the authentication method in User Manager Settings? Thanks!

iSymphony does not currently support Active Directory or LDAP. We are looking into adding support for this in a future release. I cannot say at this time when support will be added.


Thanks for confirming that. What is the best way to configure authentication in iSymphony when Active Directory Authentication is used on the FreePBX Server?

Normally if you have Sync With User Management enabled in Admin->iSymphony V3 in FreePBX, the user credentials are defined in Admin->User Management. I am not sure how these fields work when using Active Directory. One option is to disable Sync With User Management and all user credentials and properties will be managed under the iSymphony Settings section in Applications->Extensions->[ext].

You can take a look at the following page for more information on these settings:

Is this still the case? I have AD sync setup and working well with all my 100 + users showing up in the user management module. From within the groups, I have a tab to allow access to iSymphony but even when I give access no one can log in. I have logged in as admin and can see that no users are being created in iSymphony. If I turn off the “Sync With User Managment” option in the iSymphony module, then a user is created for every extension in my system but I have no way of controlling who has access.

One of the best features of the user management module is its ability to sync with AD in a business environment. Surely getting iSymphony to work correctly with the “User mangement” module should be a higher priority.

Yes that is correct. iSymphony can not be used when in AD mode for User Manager. We have brought this up to i9 and hope they will change their login to truly look to User Manager for login. Currently they just copy the hashed password from user man for each user and use that but in AD their is no hashed password.

@isymphony any feedback on moving iSymphony to authenticate direct to User Manager APIs that allow for this?

Hi, @kevsworld! We spoke at Astricon with the Sangoma team regarding this and have an open an internal development ticket to address the issue. We are currently in the release stages for 3.4 and are seriously looking at this for inclusion in the 3.5 dev efforts as we believe to to be as important as you. We have added workflow to our next development cycle and will be addressing the issue as diligently as we can.


This is great. We just purchased our first license from you guys (moved over from FOP2) and really would like to +1 this feature. Thanks.

Adding my +1 as well. We use AD and all our users are AD syched, Doing anything any different would be a nightmare.

When should we expect 3.5 version ?

Adding my Plus One - all our users are in OD and doing anything different would be a fudge.

Just saw in the iSymphony 3.5.1 change log dated 20th September 2017

Added support for authenticating known iSymphony users with FreePBX. This feature provides support for FreePBX v14 user manager when used in conjunction with a module supporting authentication.

I’m guessing that’s the charm? I’d include a link but I’m not allowed yet

Can anyone confirm if this is working now with v3.5.1? I just upgraded and when I tick the Sync users with FreePBX box in the iSymphony module, I am not able to log in using my AD credentials. :frowning: Any other settings that might be required to get it talking with FreePBX user manager? The only other thing that I could do is update my AD connector as I am still using the Legacy one. I see the new AD connector has a lot of new options but I am a bit nervous about upgrading it during working hours

@kevsworld - I am using the new AD connector and also attempted to have iSymphony sync with User Manager in hopes that this would work. My results were the same as yours, I am unable to log in. In fact, logging in to iSymphony’s admin console shows that the users are not even synced. I have looked at iSymphony’s help pages, and it looks like there is additional work required when you have an existing setup that you convert to “Sync with User Manager”. But, so far, I have had no success…

I have this working on iSymphony 3.5.1 and v of the FreePBX iSymphony module.

It just works!

Does iSymphony now support Active Directory or LDAP syncing?

Yes it does.

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I can confirm this is working for me now. YAY :grinning:

Does it work with the active directory password? We tried this and the sync worked but we had to set the password manually for the user in XactView admin. Is this normal or are we doing something wrong (or is there something wrong with our system)?

It auths against the ad server.