Issues with new Sangoma P330

I am currently installing three new Sangoma P330 phones for my Asterisk - FreePBX.
While configuring and testing I had some issues, which are the following:

  1. When pressing the “Missed Calls” Horizontal Keys no missed calls are showing up, even if there are some. One can just see the extension number and the name of the extension.

  2. Even if “Call Completed Elsewhere” in the Ring Group Settings and in Template Settings in Endpoint Manager, this feature does not seem to work, because if I pick up a incoming call with a phone, all of the others will show a missed call.

  3. I am not able to connect the phones to the Asterisk using TLS and SRTP… I am using a self signed certificate, because the PBX is hosted in the local network… However, with a Sangoma S500 TLS and SRTP works fine with the same settings…

  4. I am not able to set a key for a DTMF signaling… neither on the line keys nor on the horizontal keys

Can anyone help?

Hi @me4it
On my viewpoint you have 2-3 configuration issues,
1- You have to see and check your EPM (EndPointManager) for phone configuration tab. Question is how did you made Sangoma P330 Phone configurations? Manuel or via EPM?
Or maybe you need to check Phone Firmware update.
2- I think you have to see and check your Ring Groups settings and you need to Enable Mark Answered Elsewhere to YES or Always… And try to play with Ring Strategy
3- Im not sure for TLS/SRTP but i know Sangoam S phones supports VPN connection. ( maybe you can try it )
4- Check your FreePBX Advanced settings for DTMF SIP DTMF Signaling

I think you can open Sangoma Support ticket for Phone and EPM configuration issue. Before was for S Phones ticket Free…

  1. The phones are configured via the EPM, I think that is the way one should do it. They also have the latest firmware

  2. In the templates settings for the Sangoma P330 I set the “Call Completed Elsewhere” to Enable. I also set “Call Answered Elsewhere” in the Ring Group Settings to Always… Ring strategy is “ringall”, I think there is no other option that makes sense.

  3. I do not think that a VPN connection is the right solution. In the documentation of the Sangoma P330 the ability to use TLS/SRTP is clearly mentioned… I think it is some sort of issue with the certificate but I dont know how to solve it.

  4. DTMF signaling works fine if you just press the numbers on the phone. The problem is that I cant put an DTMF signaling button on the horizontal keys of the Sangoma P330 in EPM.

Thank you for your ideas

No Worries, Try to reach with Sangoma Support Team about Phone template and Horizontal key settings at EPM.

If you use a self signed certificate the P-series phones won’t work. You need, at least, a lets-encrypt certificate and port forwarding, so it can be validated.

EDIT: I have a P370 and call completed elsewhere did not work in a ring group…last time I checked.

Did you resolve this? We are having the exact same issues.

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